How To Layer Necklaces

Fri Oct 16, 2020

Layering necklaces is one of our favorite pastimes, and if you know us, you know we love a good necklace stack. The layered necklace look is more than just a trend - it’s a classic look that has no sign of going out of style. If you’re like us and want to make the most of the necklaces in your jewelry box, this is a must read! Follow our tips on how to create your perfect necklace stack!

(16", 18", and 20") 


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How to Layer Necklaces | Simple & Dainty How to Layer Necklaces | Simple & Dainty How to Layer Necklaces | Simple & Dainty


Tip #1: Length Variation

Having different necklace lengths is a must to achieve the dreamy cascade of layers. We recommend wearing necklaces 2” apart from each other for the perfect look. 

(14", 16", 18", and 20")


If you have two necklaces that you want to layer, but they’re the same length - we’ve got you covered! Our Removable Extenders can add the extra length you need to layer. Most of our necklaces have a 2" extender so even if two necklaces are the same length, you can still get this look!

Shop our necklaces by length: 14” | 16” | 18” | 20”

Not sure where each necklace length hits? Check out our Size Guide!


Tip #2: Combine Different Chain Styles

This is wear your inner stylist shines! Combine thinner chain necklaces with thicker chain necklaces. Adding contrasting textures & styles will make your stack more interesting, and as a plus, it’ll also tangle less! You can also throw in a coin necklace into the mix.

Herringbone Necklace, Pink Keshi Pearl Necklace, & Vintage Coin Necklace
(14", 16", and 18")

A trendier look we love is combining different chains together. We love the two-layer chain look with different chains.


Layered Necklace Chains
(14" and 16")


Tip #3: Pick a Centerpiece

Have a favorite necklace you want to show off? Make it the center stage of your look and work around it! Your most coveted piece will become a lot more interesting to look at when surrounded by pieces that complement its beauty.

(14", 16", and 18") 


Tip #4: Be mindful of your outfit

We love wearing our layers with scoop necks or v necks. If you wear a crew neck tee, make sure your layers are either short enough to show on top, or longer so that it drapes below the neck. You don’t want your pieces to get lost! Our general rule is - the simpler the better. For example, wearing a scoop neck tee with solid colors is much more compatible for layers than a high neck patterned top. Look below for some outfit inspo!

Layering Necklaces | Simple & DaintyShimmer NecklaceTiny Opal NecklaceVintage Coin Necklace
(14", 16", and 18")


Tip #5: Avoiding Tangles

Necklace tangles are inevitable, especially when you layer multiple at a time. But, we do have a handy tool called the Layered Necklace Detangler that makes it a whole lot easier to manage! It’s a game changer for necklace layering. All you do is attach your necklaces to the detangler & go about your day! You can read more in our handy article we wrote about How to Keep Your Necklaces from Tangling

Layered Necklace Detangler | Simple & DaintyLayered Necklace Detangler - 3 clasps


We also have some other tips that will help necklaces from tangling so much:

  • Unclasp the necklace and dangle it from one side to get all the twists out. This will ensure that the necklace doesn't already have twists on its own and tangle even more.
  • Put on daintier necklaces first, and then chunky necklaces. The chunkier chains will stay in place, and they'll also help weigh down the daintier chains. 
  • Use necklaces with different chains or materials. Different chains/materials won't tangle as much as necklaces with the same chain.
  • Mix chunky + dainty. Dainty necklaces tend to tangle less with chunkier chains, and more so with other dainty necklaces. 


Tip #6: Lariats Last

Make sure your lariat necklace is your longest layer. A lariat is stunning on its own, but when added to a layer, this necklace adds a dimension other necklaces can’t without being too extra. 

Layered Necklaces with LariatSatellite NecklaceKarma Circle NecklaceLace Chain Lariat
(14", 16", and 18")


Tip #7: Have Fun!

In the end, there is no right or wrong way to layer necklaces. These are just tips to help you get started with your layering adventure. Get creative & have fun with it!


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We put together our favorite layered looks so you can see! Which look do you like best? Have any questions/comments? Let us know below! ♡

Layered NecklacesBox Chain NecklaceDainty Tag Necklace, & Large Roman Coin Necklace
(14", 16", & 18")


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November 21, 2023

Unveiling the Art of Necklace Layering! Whether you’re a trendsetter or a jewellery enthusiast, this blog is your guide to mastering the delicate art of layering necklaces.

Dorothy Trotter

October 22, 2020

Love all of these ways to layer necklaces!


October 21, 2020

Love this guide!

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October 22, 2020

you two are so damn smart! and cute too

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