Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

Tue Oct 24, 2023

Trying to find the best gifts for your loved ones is often an overwhelming task, but that’s where we come in! Here’s a jewelry gift guide that has something for everyone on your list! Save time and stress knowing that you’re getting them a present they’ll love.  

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How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry Gift

Selecting a piece of jewelry for someone can be difficult, even if you know them very well, as everyone has their own unique style and way of accessorizing. However, with these key considerations, you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect piece. 

Do they wear a lot of jewelry?

Think about how much jewelry the recipient of your gift wears. Are they accessorized every time you see them, or do they save it for special occasions? Determining how often they wear their pieces can help you figure out what will best suit their taste. For someone who wears jewelry more often, you might consider something unique that they can incorporate into their daily mix. Someone who saves their jewelry for when they dress up might appreciate a more elegant and classy piece. 

What’s their style?

It’s important to also consider the personal style of your gift recipient. Do they tend to wear relaxed clothing, or do they like to stay sharp? Are they minimal or eclectic? Do they keep up with current trends? Try to pick a piece of jewelry that compliments their aesthetic. Statement pieces of jewelry like chains, larger earrings, and thick rings are perfect for someone with a bolder style. More delicate jewelry would be ideal for someone with a more minimal or casual taste.

Need a little more help? For suggestions about what jewelry to pick for every kind of person in your life, keep reading! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite giftable jewelry pieces – durable, perfect for daily wear, and bound to be loved!

Jewelry Gifts for Minimalists 

Some people like to keep it simple. For them, we have the perfect minimal pieces that they'll never have to take off. Understated, yet classy - these will be sure to be their new favorites!  

A Personalized Jewelry Gift 

Want something extra special? Get them a personalized necklace with their initial on it, like our Tiny Initial Necklace or Dainty Initial Necklace. You can also get them our Dainty Tag Necklace with whatever characters you choose! Lockets and birth flower necklaces also make great personalized gifts.

Jewelry Gifts For Trend Setters / Statement Lovers

Statement pieces of jewelry like chains, larger earrings, and thick rings are perfect for someone with a bolder style. For those who like to stay current on what’s in style, chunky chains and statement pendants are a must. These are the perfect statement pieces - and they’ll also layer beautifully with others!

Jewelry Gifts For Travelers

Do you have someone in your life who loves to travel? Gift them one of these Saint Christopher necklaces, featuring the patron saint of travelers, to protect them on their next adventure. Our Travel Jewelry Case is also a must - as well as earrings they’ll never have to take off!

Jewelry Gifts For Nature Lovers

If you know someone who loves the outdoors, give them a birth flower necklace with the unique flower that symbolizes the month they were born. For all the plant mamas out there - our Monstera Leaf Necklace is a must. Or, you can let them admire the beauty of nature right on their wrist with our sweet Flower Cuff Bracelet.

Jewelry Gifts For Romantics

Sweet gifts like these are a perfect way to show how much you truly love them. For the sentimental kind, go with these sweet mini heart studs or a romantic locket to keep whatever they hold dear. You can also gift them a love knot as a symbol of eternity and love.

Timeless Jewelry Gifts

For someone who tends towards classics, pick one of these elegant options. We have gorgeous solitaire pieces to classy pearls, and everything in between. Their timeless design also makes them great gifts for everyone - from your coworker, to your grandma, to everyone in between!

Practical Jewelry Gifts

Not sure what piece is right for them, but know they love jewelry? Go for one of these useful gifts that they’re sure to appreciate. Our Layered Necklace Detangler is a game changer for those who love to layer, and our Travel Jewelry Case is a life saver for those who love to travel.

Travel Jewelry Case
Simple & Dainty
Removable Extender
Simple & Dainty
Gift Card
Simple & Dainty

Still stuck? You can always let your loved one pick their gift for themselves with one of our digital gift cards. That will ensure they'll get something they truly love! You can pick one of our adorable graphics, include a gift note, and even include a video message to really make your loved one feel special! 

Budget-friendly Jewelry Gifts

Looking for something more budget friendly? Look no further! We have the perfect gifts under $40 that they'll love, and that your wallet will love too! These are made of the same high quality gold filled, gold vermeil, and sterling silver that we use, so they are perfect for everyday wear at a wallet friendly price. 

Wrapping Your Jewelry Gift

Half the fun of getting a present is opening it, which makes the wrapping matter, too. Each order comes with one Reusable Jewelry Pouch which makes unboxing a delight, so if you need extra, be sure to add more to your cart! You can also add a perfectly sized gift box to your order, ready to be wrapped up in your favorite paper or tucked into a gift bag. We can also hand write a short personalized note for you! 

Gift Box
Simple & Dainty
Reusable Jewelry Pouch
Simple & Dainty

If you have any questions or would like more suggestions on the perfect gift, reach out to us at, and we would be happy to help you find the perfect gift! Happy gifting! 

Gift Card
Simple & Dainty

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