We are Carbon Neutral!

Tue Apr 13, 2021

Exciting news - we are now carbon neutral! We’re offsetting 100% of our carbon footprint through our partnership with Climate Neutral by contributing to multiple projects that are focused on combating climate change. We’re very excited about this certification because we’ve always thought about our sustainability and impact on Earth while building our small business.



Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organization that helps brands measure their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral. Through their rigorous certification program, they verify that brands have achieved carbon neutrality by offsetting their greenhouse gas footprint with emission reductions and offsets. We were one of over 300 brands that Climate Neutral certified this year, and in total, we’ve helped neutralize around 700,000 tonnes of carbon emissions!

We measure our carbon footprint by looking at all of the emissions created from the start to finish of making and delivering our jewelry. This factors in every single step - from our supply chain emissions, packaging materials, commuting, utility bills from our studio, and everything in between. In 2020 alone, we offset 198 tonnes of our carbon footprint!

Climate Neutral offsets our carbon footprint by contributing to various environmental projects that recapture our carbon emissions and build a healthier environment. Last year, our offsets projects focused on restoring forests in Mexico, Colombia, and Papua New Guinea. We also contributed to clean energy projects, including solar energy fields in China and wind turbine energy in Turkey.

Now that we’re 100% carbon neutral, we’re focusing on reducing our future emissions as much as possible. Climate Neutral helps us define and reach these goals each year, pushing us to become even more sustainable than before.

Our efforts in becoming carbon neutral are just one of the many ways our brand is implementing better practices for the environment. Earlier this year, we joined 1% for the Planet if you haven’t heard! We believe in Climate Neutral’s mission - taking action now to help prevent further environmental destruction. We’re just a small business in the grand scheme of things, but we believe all efforts matter, no matter how small they are. Let’s take action and make a positive impact on our planet together!

Learn more about Climate Neutral at their website: climateneutral.org.

If you have any suggestions or questions about our sustainability, feel free to reach out to support@simpleanddainty.com!

We’d love to chat :) 

♡ Cindy

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